We Fought and We Won to Fix the Fund!

Apr 10, 2018

MSEA’s top priority in 2018 was to pass Fix the Fund Act, sending a constitutional amendment to general election voters in the fall to guarantee that any revenue raised into the Education Trust Fund through casino gaming must be directly sent to schools above and beyond funding through the state’s General Fund. After more than 1,000 educators, students, parents, and public education advocates rallied and marched in Annapolis in mid-March, including a bus full of CCCTA and CESPA members, the Senate passed the legislation 47-0 and the House concurred 130-2. That means voters have a chance to approve a phased-in $500 million increase in funding for Maryland pre-K-12 education—a huge first step to eliminating the $2.9 billion funding shortage currently facing our schools.


We now move to the next phase of our Maryland Promise campaign:

  1. Pass Fix the Fund Act ✓
  2. Secure bold Kirwan Commission recommendations for a new state funding formula
  3. Pass Fix the Fund at the ballot and elect pro-public education candidates  in the 2018 General Election
  4. Pass the Kirwan Commission recommendations in the 2019 General Assembly session, funded in part by Fix the Fund’s $500 million increase in state education aid, including a new Maryland Promise school funding formula

For more information on what happens now, watch our video here. And to sign up to stay involved in the campaign, you can sign up here.

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