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Why Join CCCTA?


1. CCCTA is the professional association that determines your working conditions and salary through negotiations and advocacy at the local and state level.


2. CCCTA is recognized by the School Board and the community as the voice of the members.


3. CCCTA promotes professional excellence for members and high quality instruction for students.


4. CCCTA staff and leaders are readily available throughout the year to assist members with problems and concerns whenever they arise.


5. CCCTA offers members protection from arbitrary or unjust treatment.


6. CCCTA represents members with grievances.


7. CCCTA members are assured that their professional concerns are heard by the administration.


8. CCCTA provides regular publications to keep members informed of educational developments and Association activities.


9. CCCTA provides research and training for local efforts.


10. CCCTA promotes human and civil rights in education and society.


11. CCCTA provides advocacy and in-depth information on current legislation and educational issues.


12. CCCTA supports pro-education candidates for office through our Political Action Committee.


13. CCCTA lobbies for pro-education legislation in Annapolis and in Washington, D.C.


14. CCCTA brings members’ professional concerns to the attention of the legislature.


15. CCCTA monitors implementation of education legislation.


16. CCCTA monitors local compliance with state and federal legislation.


17. CCCTA leads members in organizing around issues of concern to them.


18. CCCTA provides members with comprehensive legal assistance in employment-related areas.


19. CCCTA provides retirement workshops for members.


20. CCCTA members are protected with $1,000,000 professional liability insurance.


21. CCCTA provides an Attorney Referral Program for personal legal problems.


22. CCCTA members can take advantage of many Member Benefits programs and discounts provided through NEA.


23. CCCTA is a democratic organization which promotes members’ input through a network of Faculty Reps/Building Reps in each schools and Members-at-Large who serve on the Board of Directors.


24. CCCTA members are affiliated with the largest educational organization in the state and the nation.


25. You are the CCCTA.  CCCTA is made up of teachers, counselors, therapists, psychologists, and other certificated personnel.

Join us and make your voice heard!