CCCTA and CESPA Form Joint Health and Safety Committee

Oct 16, 2020

We are excited to introduce our newest committee, the Joint Health and Safety Committee. Initiated by CCCTA and CESPA members, this committee is dedicated to advocating for the safety concerns and health needs of our workforce.

As stated in the Negotiated Agreement, “the Board recognizes that adequate, safe, and clean facilities are necessary in the best interests of students, employees, and the community “ (Article 10).

To this end, you can expect a commitment of the following:

  • Surveying members for their feedback and concerns

  • Advocating for Safety Concerns

  • Educating the workforce on Safety Protocols

  • Frequent Communication with the CCPS Leadership and the Board of Education

  • Fostering partnerships with community members and stakeholders

  • Celebrating successes of system wide initiatives

  • Ongoing communication to all unit members

We realize this is a trying time for everyone. We all need clear, concise, and consistent information as we support the safety of all students and all staff members.

When we work together, we are stronger and more capable of handling the challenges of this unique time.

We are committed to seeking acceptable resolutions with CCPS Leadership, Board of Education members, and unit members.

We look forward to working with you to ensure the safety of our workforce.

Please bookmark and use this form, for each health and safety concern to provide our committee with information related to these issues.

The Joint Health and Safety Committee


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