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April 17, 2020 Exec Bd Meeting

CCCTA Executive Board Meeting

April 17, 2020

4:00 pm

Via Teleconference


Attendance: Lori Hrinko, Jake Zebley, Bill Moon, Kathy LeChette, Brigitte Romano, Denise Beattie, Edy Dunn, Jennifer Berkley


  1. Call to Order @ 4:00pm


  1. President’s Report
  2. State Wide updates and issues related to corona virus:
  3. not encouraging closing for the entire year.
  4. Closure has now been extended to May 15.
  5. We need to work for 180 days.
  6. Waiver for 5 school days.
  7. Waiver of Maintenance of Effort not a problem with any of the counties yet.
  8. Non-renewal of teachers. PSAM request to extend deadline.
  9. Several districts “pausing” on evaluations for teachers. Waiver being sought—should be on agenda for next state BOE meeting.
  10. Certification deadlines. Jennifer working on this.
  11. Graduation requirements being waived.
  12. MSEA spring RA cancelled
  13. budget
  14. Tele Town Hall next Wednesday at 8 pm. 800 number to hold capacity and a back up number.
  15. MSEA can help with a local Tele Town Hall.
  16. Census


  • State Election Timeline
  1. Primary now June 2.
  2. Maryland Ballots will be mailed to anyone that is an active registered voter as soon as April 27.
  3. May 27 is deadline to register or change party affiliation. Check to see if you are on the list of active voters.
  4. Ballot drop off boxes will be available for drop off but ballots can be mailed.
  5. Limited in-person voting.
  6. No primary race for BOE—pushed to general election.
  7. CCCTA PAC $
  8. We have over $10,000 in PAC.
  9. How to handle this $?
  10. Bulk will be spent in primary election.


  • Early Spring Enrollment
  1. Digital form has been created
  2. Phone banking option—could be done from home


  • BAC
  1. Concern with rates from CareFirst Plus plan running high. Premiums are also higher. Out of pocket is the same with the Plus and Core plans.
  2. Concern that decision made without members having an opportunity to have input.
  3. Kristy has recommended that association members on BAC abstain from voting.
  4. Cost increases will be presented to BOE next week



*****Bill Moon motioned to move to closed session. Jennifer seconded.  All in favor. No abstentions/oppositions.

Bill moved to move out of Executive Session.  Edy seconded. All in favor. . No abstentions/oppositions.


  1. Bargaining updates—Possible MOU retirees
  2. Kathy moved to affirm the vote taken in Executive Session. Bill seconded.

All in favor of the vote taken in Executive Session. No abstentions/oppositions.


  1. County Budget progress/outlook


  1. Additional Items
  2. There will be a proposal to the BOE next week that April 27th and be changed to student days.
  3. MSEA letter to all members to communicate what MSEA has been doing. Denise has added to that with what has been happening with CCCTA.
  4. CCCTA office voice mail (as does sign on the office door) gives info to contact Denise and/or Lori.


  • Concerns
  1. P’ville teacher ECE teacher
  2. Disparity between special ed/related services/regular ed
  3. CPD credits do not need to be outside of the duty day
  4. CCCTA elections: Lori is following up with Kristy.


  • Adjournment @6:35 pm



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