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April 30, 2020 Exec Bd Meeting

CCCTA Executive Board Meeting

April 30, 2020
2:00 pm
Via Zoom Teleconference

Attendance: Lori Hrinko, Jake Zebley, Bill Moon, Bridget Romano, Denise Beattie, Edy Dunn, Jennifer
Berkley, Kathy LeChette

Retirement Incentive MOU:
From Dr. Buckley: would CCCTA be willing to consider expanding retirement MOU offer from 50 people
to 75 people? This was a cost saving measure and to prevent RIF of positions next year. All 4 bargaining
units are involved in this offer. Some of the applications have been for positions that would need to be
Motion: Jake Zebley made a motion to approve an increase from 50 positions to 75 people on the
previously approved MOU. Seconded by Bill Moon. Discussion. All in favor; no oppositions/no
Additional concerns:
~ RIF positions and the budget
~ Teacher evaluations. Discussion.
~ Registration for PreK/Kindergarten
~ Teacher Appreciation Week ideas during this time:
• Mail something (gift card, etc.) to them to celebrate those with milestone years.
• Virtual happy hour and meal discounts for certain participants
• Encouragement for educators to support small businesses
• Donation to a cause to honor the years of service
• Lori will also put out an email to Building Reps for ideas as well

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