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May 14, 2020 Exec Board Meeting

CCCTA Executive Board Meeting

May 14, 2020

4:30 pm

Via Zoom Teleconference


Attendance: Lori Hrinko, Jake Zebley, Bill Moon, Kathy LeChette, Bridget Romano, Denise Beattie, Edy Dunn, Jennifer Berkley


  1. Call to Order @ 4:30pm
  2. Minutes:
  3. April 17 minutes: Jennifer moved to accept these minutes; Bill seconded. All in favor. No oppositions/abstentions. Approved as written.
  4. April 30 minutes: Bill moved to approve the minutes; Kathy seconded. All in favor. No oppositions/abstentions. Approved as written.
  • County Elections
  1. Paper ballots have been mailed out to voters. 4 locations in county to deposit completed ballots.
  2. Actual voting on June 2 at the county office building.
  3. Endorsed candidates: Apple ballots have been mailed and targeted facebook ads
  4. Letter to editor and phone banking. Jennifer has volunteered to do phone banking.
  5. Bargaining Updates-MOUs
  6. No observations (formal or informal) during this time off from school.
  7. Extra pay/extra duty spring coaches. 20% of the stipend. No stipend for MS spring sports because that season had not started.
  8. MD Recovery Plan for Education-Reentry planning/committees.
  9. CCCTA representation on the reentry planning committees.
  10. 5 (to 8) different committees—Jake received an email that he is on ESOL and Special Ed committee (beginning Monday at 10 AM). Bridget received an invitation from A. Gellrich to also be on a committee for summer school/scheduling (meeting next week). Dr. Tiegland has shared an email with Lori listing the committees. Lori is meeting tomorrow to discuss these committees. Critical that CCCTA ensure that all member viewpoints are considered. Bill volunteered that specialists interests should be considered with respect to reentry in the fall.
  11. Names of potential CCCTA members that might be included in these committees was sent to Lori by Ex Bd members.
  12. School Calendar—May 22 now a school day. Last student day is June 15. Last teacher day up in the air.
  • CCCTA Budget. We can share budget in a Zoom-style meeting. Suggested that we have 1 meeting to share proposed budget. Kathy and Lori (maybe Edy) will prepared a proposed budget to be shared.
  1. Another Executive Board meeting May 26th @4:30 to go over the budget.
  2. RA and budget presentation on May 28th @ 4:30.
  3. General member meeting June 3 for questions/comments.
  4. Vote on budget tentatively June 4 or June 11.
  • Recognizing Retiring Members. Suggested a letter of thanks to retirees with an application for retirement membership. Small trinket could be included. Donation in honor of retiree years of service—provide an option to retiree to choose where the donation would go. (Donations ideas: public library; YES fund; No Kid Hungry; Drug Free Cecil; CASA; Boys and Girls Club; YMCA).
  1. Bill moved that a donation of $5 per retiree be made to various charities and organizations. Bridget seconded. No further discussion. All in favor; no oppositions/abstentions.
  2. Member Appreciation. Email members to acknowledge years of service together with a “rain check” as far as recognition in the future. Mailing larger awards/mementos to members could be expensive so we could deliver. Pins could be mailed. CCPS can provide a list of members and years of service. Slide presentation suggested.
  3. Masks for members for back to school. Bridget will see if she can find a resource for these. We have about 950 members. Made local or from a company?
  4. We have some items currently in the office. Drop items off at buildings for when teachers come back to pack up classrooms. Kathy volunteered to deliver items to schools.
  5. Adjournment @6:44 pm
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