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Primary Election 2022

School resources and funding are at risk. Cecil County races are critical this year! Board of Ed and County Council seats will be decided in the primary. Plan to vote on July 19 or during early voting July 7-14!
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CCCTA Representative Assembly

CCCTA members lead in their buildings and at the state and national level. Building representatives attend monthly meetings and share information, opportunities, and resources with all building members.
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Working Together to Achieve More!

The purposes of CCCTA shall be: ~To work for the welfare of students, the advancement of public education, and the expansion of the instructional opportunities for students and educational professionals. ~To promote ethical practices, to...

Political Action

Why Politics? Elected politicians, or those appointed by them, decide every one of the important education issues we deal with every day. If you ever wondered why your Local Association and MSEA...

Cecil County Classroom Teachers Association

The Cecil County Classroom Teachers Association, CCCTA, is a professional association organized to advocate for educators, to work for the welfare of students, and to continuously improve the teaching and learning environment in public schools.

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